20 Contoh Soal Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Terbaru

Berikut ini adalah pembahasan 20 Contoh Soal Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Terbaru, Contoh soal ini dibuat untuk membantu mengerjakan Latihan Soal Kelas 4.

Semoga dengan adanya pembahasan serta Contoh Soal Kelas 4 dapat menyelesaikan tugas Serta Latihan Soal Kelas 4 yang diberikan bapak/ibu guru.

Dibawah ini adalah 20 Contoh Soal Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Terbaru :

This text is for questions number 1 – 5.

Fahri Ahmad is a student in SD Negeri Bandar Lampung. He is in grade four. He always gets up at five o’clock in the morning. Before going to school, Fahri always helps his mother to sweep the yard or to wash the dishes. Fahri always has breakfast so he can focus on the lesson at school. Fahri never gets late to school. After school, Fahri helps his mother to sell cakes in his house. At four o’clock, he usually plays with his friends. Fahri always studies or does his homework at seven o’clock. Fahri always goes to sleep at nine o’clock. Fahri is a discipline student.

1. What is Fahri Ahmad?
a. He is a student
b. She is a students
c. He is a teacher
d. She is a teacher

2. What time does Fahri gets up every morning?
a. She get up at 5 o’clock
b. She gets up at 5 o’clock
c. He get up at 5 o’clock
d. He gets up at 5 o’clock

3. What does Fahri usually do before going to school?
a. He usually has breakfast
b. He usually helps his mother to sell cakes
c. He usually helps his mother to sweep the yard or to wash the dishes
d. He usually helps his mother to sweep the floor or to sell cakes

4. Why can Fahri focus on the lesson at school?
a. Because he always helps his mother
b. Because he always has breakfast
c. Because he always gets up realy
d. Because he is a discipline student

5. What does Fahri do after school?
a. He has breakfast
b. He sweeps the yard
c. He washes the dishes
d. He sells cakes

6. Henny : My name is Henny. …
Kenez : My name is Kenez. Glad to meet you, too.
a. Glad to meet you
b. Sad to meet you
c. How do you do
d. See you later

7. Gina : I must go to school now. Good bye, Ani!
Ani : … , Gina!
a. Hey!
b. Hello!
c. See you
d. How do you do

8. We usually put toothpaste and soap in the …
a. Living room
b. Bathroom
c. Bedroom
d. Dining room

9. We usually put the knife, stove, and toaster in the …
a. Garage
b. Kitchen
c. Garden
d. Backyard

10. These are the rooms in a house, except …
a. Living room
b. Kitchen
c. Class
d. Garage

11. bag – red – my – is – not
The correct order is …
a. My bag red is not
b. Is not my red bag
c. Not my red bag is
d. My bag is not red

12. have – two – brothers – little – I
The correct order is …
a. I have two little brothers
b. I have two brothers litte
c. Two little brothers I have
d. Two brothers little I have

13. Father : What … you doing?
Fitri : I am reading a book.
a. Are
b. Is
c. Does
d. Do

14. Siska : What is your brother doing?
Hanna : …
a. She is washing the car
b. She are washing the car
c. He is washing the car
d. He are washing the car

15. Ms. Jane : How many books are there in the bookcase?
Fenny : There … twenty books in the bookcase.
a. Is
b. Are
c. Do
d. Does

16. There are … in my class.
a. Car
b. Cars
c. Chair
d. Chairs

17. Frieda : Cassia has long blonde hair, right?
Krista : No, she has … blonde hair.
a. Short
b. Pointed
c. Round
d. Sharp

18. Nita : Does Dhoni have blue eyes?
Toni : … . He has brown eyes.
a. Yes, she does.
b. No, she does not.
c. Yes, he does.
d. No, he does not.

19. We usually sleep in the … at night.
a. Living room
b. Bedroom
c. Dining room
d. Bathroom

20. My father usually puts the car and bike in the …
a. Bedroom
b. Kitchen
c. Garage
d. Bathroom

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