Contoh Soal UAS Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2

Berikut ini adalah pembahasan Contoh Soal UAS Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2, Contoh soal ini dibuat untuk membantu mengerjakan Latihan Soal Kelas 4.

Semoga dengan adanya pembahasan serta Contoh Soal Kelas 4 dapat menyelesaikan tugas Serta Latihan Soal Kelas 4 yang diberikan bapak/ibu guru.

Dibawah ini adalah Contoh Soal UAS Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2 :

1. She is an elementary school student. …. name is Nicole.
a. her
b. our
c. his
d. their

2. You can go out and watch some movies at ….
a. theater
b. carnival
c. cinema
d. library

3. My mother does her make-up in front of ….
a. the bathroom
b. the table
c. the mirror
d. the corner

4. These are animals which have four legs, except ….
a. cow
b. cat
c. hare
d. hen

5. Birds can fly because they have ….
a. feathers
b. lungs
c. wings
d. legs

6. The baby of the butterfly is ….
a. moth
b. bird
c. caterpillar
d. pigeon

7. The animals which produce honey are ….
a. ant
b. bee
c. wasp
d. cow

8. My mother is a …. Her activity is helping sick people.
a. sailor
b. doctor
c. tailor
d. author

9. Luke : ” Does Samuel like playing football?”
Andy : ” No, ….”.
a. he doesn’t
b. he isn’t
c. he hasn’t
d. he wasn’t

10. Father needs a cup of ….
a. egg
b. coffee
c. noodle
d. rice

11. A duster is a thing which is used to ….
a. clean the table
b. clean the floor
c. clean the clothes
d. clean the dishes

12. We find the meaning of difficult of English words in the ….
a. magazine
b. book
c. newspaper
d. dictionary

13. We want to know what time it is. We look at the…
a. the calendar
b. the clock
c. the book
d. the radio

14. We take a bottle of water to ….
a. eat
b. drink
c. sleep
d. wash

15. We have a cat, we give him a… as food.
a. carrot
b. fish
c. beans
d. papaya

16. Today is Thursday. Yesterday was….
a. Wednesday
b. Tuesday
c. Friday
d. Saturday

17. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Today is ….
a. Monday
b. Tuesday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

18. After February we have ….
a. January
b. March
c. May
d. June

19. …. date is it today ?
a. Where
b. How
c. When
d. What

20. …. do you buy toy plane?
a. What
b. Where
c. Who
d. Which

21. Dad : ” …. of this coffee table?”
Mr. Thompson : ” It is one million rupiahs”.
a. How is the price
b. What is the price
c. When is the price
d. Where is the price

22. Stella : ” …. does it cost?”
Ariana : ” It cost Rp 50.000,00″.
a. How
b. How many
c. How much
d. What

23. Rico likes reading ….
a. music
b. book
c. television
d. movie

24. I want to swim. I need a….
a. net
b. racket
c. jacket
d. gogle

25. We can buy meat in the ….
a. butcher
b. green grocery
c. post office
d. stationery

Itulah dia pembahasan Contoh Soal UAS Bhs Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2. Semoga bermanfaat untuk adik – adik semua. Jika ada yang belum jelas bisa ditanyakan di kolom komentar

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